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8 Dec 2022


We are working towards gaining more website traffic, and unless you have bumper lanes like in the bowling, you might not be able to win the game of landing page best practices.


Sales conversions aren’t magic. There’s so much effort and happening behind these sales closures, there’s a lot of work that goes on here.


Honestly, creators behind these conversion copies are wonderful human beings. And I know, you too want that skill, and that’s why you’re here!


Let me tell you, it’s just partly a learned skill, rest all is just a technique, a lots and lots of writing knack.


And yes, all us writers have this wizard like copywriting powers that we can unleash anytime, we want!


But, before you proceed, just know that conversion is the science of the mind- that processes the information, makes decisions and then takes ahead with conversion.


Writing a landing page copy and then witnessing sales inflow is a pure bliss. Because, not every copy can generate that bucket of cash, here we have put together some of the landing page best practices from the experts.


10 Must-Have Tips For Writing Landing Page Copy That Converts


Landing page conversion is definitely the mind science, but that doesn’t mean, it’s always straightforward. Hence, to “skill” you better, here we have gathered up the landing page best practices, to make you write copy like a pro!


1. First, Identify Your Page Goal


landing page best practices, copywriting vs. Content writing


What’s your page goal? What would you want for your page to do? Every landing page needs to have a goal, because that’s what will get you visitors and eventually conversions.


If you want to complete the objective of your marketing campaign, then you must have a goal- it could be anything that you want out of your landing page.


Your page goal will inform your readers/visitors about the information, product or the service you are providing- in the copy you’ll write.


And, don’t forget to add a call-to-action (CTA), because that’s the conversion point, and one of the landing page best practices.


2. Focus On Targeting One Customer-Type (ONLY)!


 landing page best practices, writing landing page copy


Yes, definitely, your audience group could be the widest, but remember, narrowing down your audience will give space for more conversion rates.


On your normal website, you could have a general content, but when you’re creating a landing page, ensure that you have a hyper-focused audience.


And what if my business have a different customer-persona?


It’s simple! Make different landing pages for each of your audience group- it’ll get you quicker conversion rates.


3. What About Your Headline?


Yeah, that should be compelling! Okay, so the first thing that captures the eyeballs of your audience, is the HEADLINE!


Your headlines must be catchy, your titles must be attractive, because that’s what will let them click on your page, and it’s one of the landing page best practices.


Write a headline that’s clear, precise, impactful and clickable. This will let your visitors know that they’ve come to the right page and have found what they’re looking for.


4. Write Efficiently And Simply


For your landing page to convert, the foremost tips on writing landing page copy is keeping it simple yet efficient.


Make sure that your copy is precise and speaks directly to your audience. Your copy must be engaging, in order to your targets to click on it.


Don’t add too much fancy words in your landing page copy, it might confuse the audience. Instead, add one or two creative word that will act as a hook for your audience.


Try using bullet points, don’t write it as a paragraphs. Keep it short and catchy!


5. Your Instructions Should Be Clear


Just like your words and phrases must be clear, make sure that your instructions are clear too- by which I mean, ask for conversions and you will definitely get them!


Clearly state what they need to click, or how they must fill out their form, or what exact action steps they must take to go forward, or can they contact you if they need any help.


Going with the landing page best practices, one of the most important pointer here to remember is to,


“Not assume, But tell.”


6. Emphasize On Your USP And Benefits


 why landing page is important


And Not Your Product/Service!


There was a time when customers were more focused on the solutions, but now they’re more focused on every brand’s specialty.


You have to let them know, why you’re better than your competitors. Since, your audience already know the solutions to their problems, they need for your products to be exclusive.


Pitch your solutions, while highlighting the benefits, so that they click on your product- because they would know that’s what they want (and you’re selling exactly that!) 


7. Sound Like A Human Being, And A Not A BOT!


Don’t use writer AI, it won’t create content like a human, and that’s one of the landing page best practices that you must keep in mind.


Well, at some point, you might think of producing copy written by robots, but do you think that will give you conversion?


I don’t know who’s using these AI and bots to write, but I do know that there aren’t any conversions on these copies.


People love connecting with other people, through words. Hence, that’s exactly why you need to sound like a human and not like a bot!


How can you be human when writing?


  • Write the way you would speak.
  • Use your regular words, set your own tone and style.
  • Write like how you would talk to a 10 year old.
  • Use short and crisp sentences.
  • It’s okay to break grammar rules, if your writing sounds natural and adds a personal touch to it.
  • Always use first person.
  • Add a bit of creativity, humour and quirk.
  • Use expressions like “oh wait”, “Huh, so I think”, “Wow, that was amazing”.


8. Do That A/B Testing Here!


 landing page best practices


Remember, a good conversion copywriter won’t just write, but will A/B test their copies too.


Or else, how would you know what sort of copy is working and what isn’t?


With A/B testing you can provide your audience with the right copy that they are looking for.


Well, A/B testing can be done on everything that’s present on your landing page- that includes images, flow, layout, copy and even the placement.


If you really want to gain higher conversion rates, you will need to keep testing your copy with all other elements in the landing page.


9. Use Numbers And Try To Be Specific


You have to be a lot specific when you are creating copies for landing pages.


Remember, the more specific you are, the more persuasive your landing page will look like.


Which one looks believable here?


  • In the last 60 days, customer conversions have increased by 80%.
  • Your conversion rates will explode, if you use this!


Definitely, the first one! Because, that’s more specific, and believable. It looks more genuine and yes, you certainly aren’t lying.


Well, anyone can claim for awesomeness and lead you to a clickbait, but not about the statistics and metrics- and it’s one of the landing page best practices that you must follow.


10. Give Your Audience A Social Proof


best landing page example.

Yes, you think your offer is just amazing, but not everyone thinks the same. Maybe they need proof of your uniqueness.


Here’s where you can use social proofs like your customer feedbacks, testimonials and even your review scores.


Why should you add testimonials to your landing page, because that will speak on behalf of your brand- and that’s enough.


Usually, putting up real feedbacks, testimonials will gain trust and certainly that bucket of cash from your customers.


Yeah, It’s Your Turn, Now!


Creating up with effective landing pages is necessary for you to drive conversions, or at least it will generate leads.


Of course, creating an creative and effective landing page is a challenging task, and there would be times when you would need to spend your attention over other tasks.


However, you can always rely on copywriting experts here, who will get you the best landing page copies and get you utmost conversions and customers who will stay with you.


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