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20 Sept 2022


Where to invest your marketing budget is a challenging question, and with all those advertising platforms out there, it gets pretty tiring to pick your best bet, especially when it comes to how to make ads in Google.

If you’re trying to reach your online audience for your business, then being the world’s most infamous search engine, Google Ads is one of the best places to get you started. 

With more than 3.9 billion searches on Google and knowing how to do Google ads, you are in the right place to step your foot with your online advertisements. 

Many brands are already generating massive sales and revenue through the Google Ads guide, and it’s time you pave your way into the club.

Whether you’re trying to generate good website traffic or accelerate your brand’s online presence, Google Ads are a way to go!

We have compiled a bunch of information on how to make ads in Google and a few tips to get started as a beginner. 

10 Best Practices On How To Make Ads In Google The Effective Way


There’s a reason “well, Google it” has become the most used language worldwide. If you’re reading this, you’ve probably found us there too. 

Well, if you already have tried Google ads, yet it’s unsuccessful, then there are many reasons your Google ads could not be performing good, and here are some best practices on how to make ads in Google effectively.

1. Keep Track Of Quality Score


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In simple terms, a good quality score means a quality ad. Remember, not just the advertisements that play a crucial role, but also the keywords and the landing pages that you’re betting on.

Your quality score matters because it decides whether your ads will be displayed or not, and this is why Google ads consider many factors in how to make ads in Google for your business.

Ideally, you must also think about your landing page, which should be user-friendly. Also, try to design mobile-friendly ads that get placed with a high conversion rate and with a better user experience. 

2. Never Use Broad Or Lengthy Keyword Terms


Try to use keywords that aren’t too broad or lengthy- because Google might place your ads in front of the wrong audience. 

For instance, keywords like “Google ads” or “brewery” won’t get you, your audience; instead, it will effectively waste your money and time. 

Only pick the relevant keywords fitting your business, services, or products. However, testing should be a crucial part of your strategy- to let you know what works for you- and that’s one of the effective practices on how to make ads in Google.

Tools like Google Keyword Planner let you pick the best keywords to get you started with your first ad!

3. Use a Pay Per Click Planning Template


how to make ads in google, how to do ads on google

What does a planner do? It helps you stay organized and always keep track of your budget while focusing on the strategy.

A Pay Per Click planning template lets you keep all your projects and ads organized, and you can also view how your ad appears online, look at the character counts and efficiently manage all your campaigns and ads in one place.

With the help of PPC templates- you get wealthy marketing data, incredible targeting options, and your ads in complete control. 

4. Is Your Targeting Detailed Enough?


Tailoring your ad to target your potential clients should be your standard practice. Apart from the evident possibilities of targeting considering the demographics- you also have the advantage of segmenting your ad further. 

With Google ads, you also benefit from targeting your audience as per their interests, behavior, habits, interactions with your website, and most searched queries. 

You can also segment your audience as per the content with the help of Google ads. Check regular placements of keywords and ensure that you don’t target unrelated topics or content.

5. Create 3 Ads In Every Ad Group


how to make ads in google, how do google ads

Well, creating multiple ads for every ad group is one of the best practices on how to make ads in Google- and it’s applied to all PPC advertising.

Once you get good conversion data, Google ads will automatically optimize the rest of your ads in every group serving. 

Remember, if one of your ads is performing best, other ads will continue to achieve and get clicks as well- it’s like the domino effect!

6. Use All Ad Extensions That Are Relevant To Your Brand


Try to utilize every ad extension you have that would work for your business. You can also create extensions for everything from site links to apps, reviews, and promotions!

However, the more extensions you use, the better your ads will be because they will add more information to your Google ads. 

Look for all the Google ad extensions available that are relevant to your business, and if you think some extensions aren’t pertinent to your business- then you don’t have to use them.

7. Use Different Types of Google Ad Campaigns


how to make ads in google, Google ad words

Google ads have many variants, including Gmail Ads, Dynamic Search Ads, Search Ads, Display Ads, and many more.

You can run Google ads with different campaign goals and types; even if you’re running YouTube ads- you will find many ad formats.

Test all the ad campaigns you are running- analyze and measure your results, and look at which ad gives you the best conversion within your budget.

Different Google Ad campaigns will let you understand your ad goals clearer and decide what works best for you- and this is one of the popular practices on how to make ads in Google -used by top marketers. 

8. Spend Some Extra Time On Your Creatives


Yes, setting up a campaign requires much research, and just like we mentioned earlier, there are too many factors to take note of when creating a Google ad campaign. 

There was a time when marketers used to copy images and texts for Google ads- and just run it on Google- but the time has changed now!

Yes, it takes a good amount of effort and planning to stand out in the crowd. This also means you must invest much time and effort into your creative copies, texts, and images.

Try to keep them unique, appealing, and clickable- because ads are all about clicks!

9. Annoy Your Competitors!


Keep sneaking on your competitors, and see what they post in Google ads. Well, it’s up to you whether you want to make your competitors angry or your audience vary!

In simple terms, if people are looking up your competitors, try to bid on those keywords and create a campaign accordingly.

For instance, Shopify competes with many other e-commerce platforms- and Shopify plays with keywords of these platforms; now, if we look up for BigCommerce- Shopify is the brand that shines on top.

And this is the prime and practical example of how to do Google ads by big brands!

10. Keep Your Account WELL-ORGANIZED! 


This is one of the best practices of how to do Google ads, and after all, how hard is it to organize and manage campaigns.

Yeah, it isn’t rocket science, but as your campaigns grow in counts- you might start seeing how imperative it is to be clear and consistent- unless you want some last-minute stress.

You have to keep up with your entire account from the very beginning, you cannot push it to the end ever, and this is another best practices on how to do Google ads that many top marketers use!

Final Thoughts!


As the digital landscape grew, getting our brand messages across to the right audience has become increasingly difficult.

Hence, you should focus on your relevant campaigns to your users and audience- if you want them to dive inside your business.

Remember to make your Google ads as specific and consistent as possible- while you keep all the tips as mentioned above and practices about how to do Google ads the right way in mind!

Take your first step to making the most clickable Google ads today!



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