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26 Dec 2022


Internet has taken over the world, and that applies to businesses and their marketing departments too.

Most of you might have heard of the term SEO that’s often thrown around in connection with digital marketing, website, social media, and anything that has online presence.

Exactly. Online Presence!

If you’re a business owner, who has put up their business or company on the internet- yes, who has a online presence, then you definitely need a SEO strategy. 

You would be surprised to know how many people still think SEO is a technical term, and never tried to understand what these three letters mean!

However, if you already know the basics of SEO, but stuck to rank your website, then here we have got you covered with these simple SEO strategies that would give you better results.

How To Create An Insanely Effective SEO Strategy?


Yes, it’s not easy for startups and businesses to build an effective SEO strategy, because it does take a good amount of time for SEO to bring your website high up. We have put together 10 effective SEO strategies to work through building a winning SEO method and implement them to witness the results.

1. Create A List Of Working Keywords

Create a seo strategy

Keywords! The legit first step to create an SEO strategy is to do the keyword research and note down all the keywords required for the particular content piece or the niche that you are working on.

Well, you will find some of the best keywords that your target customers are looking for. And my suggestion would be to use Google suggest- these suggestions make the best keyword, because they come straight from Google.

However, it’s recommended that you use long tail keywords as these generally have a low search volume. You can always make use of SEO tools that tell you about the search volume, CPC, and how easy it would be to rank.

2. Keep An Eye On The First Page Of Google


Okay, you have probably found a handful of keywords, now it’s time to see which out of these keywords rank in the first page.

And place those keywords in your content- which will eventually bring your content up.

Well, also try to observe the first page of SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages) that lets you know about the patterns.

It could be a particular keyword, list post, titles, or anything that’s making the content rank. You could apply the same patterns in your SEO strategy.

3. Create Something That’s Better or Different

Create a seo strategy

It’s time you create a high quality or really unique content about which no one has talked about yet.

Remember, when it comes to SEO, you get two options, which means, either you can create something better than what others are posting, or something entirely different.

Creating a content that’s different will make you stand out. I mean the subject matter can be same, but if your content is well-researched, provides value and gives your readers a reason to scroll down- then yes it will stand out in the crowd.

And if you are creating something better, create that’s 10X better than what’s already out there!

4. Do SEO Audit For Your Website, REGULARLY!

Auditing the website on a regular basis is important to establish and put the SEO strategies in place, because that’s how you understand the elements of improvement.

Few things that SEO audit tells you about?

  • Issues that’s causing your website to load slowly.
  • Whether your website is user-friendly, and if it’s easy to navigate.
  • If your links are broken, whether links are functioning correctly and are sending users to the right website page.
  • How’s your SERPs performing for the keywords.
  • Whether your website content is optimized for better leads and conversions.

Well, doing site audit will tell you about all areas you can improve and be better with rankings. In short, it’s simply like a report card on your SEO strategy.

5. Use Schema Markups In Your Website

Create a seo strategy

What’s a schema markup?

Schema markup is basically a code that’s installed on your site that allows your search engines to find crucial information to your readers and your customers through user’s search results.

This tells the search engines what information is important to display for the audience to know, and exactly that information appears on the search engines.

While you also check for schema markups, you must also check for core vitals and web experience- with which you can review user engagement metrics quite easily.

6. What’s Your Content Design?


Are you focusing on your content design, if yes, then is your content designed well?

Let me tell you, you might think your content design would be the most underrated part of your content marketing, but it’s not true!

You might have written the best content, a high-quality content, but if your content design is “just paragraphs”- then trust me, your content won’t get much traction.

That’s why you should invest a good amount of marketing budget time in your content design.

A great content design won’t break your bank with which you could just use visuals that includes graphs, pictures, and videos.

7. Measure And Reassess Your Progress

Create a seo strategy

Creating a strategy will get you a good level of success, but measuring the performance of these strategies from time to time will let you know what’s working and what’s not!

If your strategy is working well, and getting you the expected ROI then sticking to that specific strategy could be the key.

Remember, reporting can be quite complicated, so we have boiled it down to 2 steps that includes:

  • Pick a metric that really works and matters.
  • Choose a way to measure that metrics and attribute it to the SEO.

There are two tools you should consider for your SEO campaign. Okay, both these tools are provided by Google and are free, Google Search Console and Google Analytics.

8. Enhance Your User-Experience


User experience is very valuable for Google, and if your website does provide that value to your users, then Google will rank it high.

And search engines have become extremely conscious about delivering the best experience to it’s users.

Google (and other search engines) take note of the average time the users spend on your website, it could be just impressions, or engagement and interaction.

But that’s not it! Google also assigns a higher rank of those websites who provide value, genuinity, and best experience to it’s users.

9. Check Up With On-Page Issues

Create a seo strategy 

Yes, on-Page SEO is important, and keeping a regular check on SEO will help you to optimize your content and the ranking even better.

Make sure that your SEO strategies don’t leave any room for bugs or ranking issues. Therefore, when it comes to drafting or editing a content, you must take different factors into consideration.

What can you optimize in your on-page SEO?

  • Page Title
  • H1, H2, H3 Tags
  • Subheadings
  • Meta Title
  • Meta Description
  • Your Sectional Content

10. Sync Your SEO Strategy With Customer Funnel


At the end of the day, sales are the captain of the game, because without customers, you will have no revenue, and with no revenue, there will no business.

To get better aid in the sales process, your customer strategy should align with your SEO strategy- because that’s when you’ll start seeing the results and generating revenue.

And what includes in the SEO mixed up with customer funnel?

  • Interest
  • Awareness
  • Decision
  • Purchase
  • Post-Purchase

With these you can keep your SEO strategy in align with your sales funnel to generate enough value and revenue.

Make Your SEO Strategy Now!


Well, congratulations on making your SEO strategy journey this far! Remember, SEO strategy is not a sprint, it’s a marathon!

All you have to do is lay down an amazing website structure suiting with the SEO strategy- using which you can scale down the organic monthly traffic that you are generating.

Keep in mind the above mentioned pointers for SEO strategy, and you’ll definitely be able to carve out the right performance.

While few people live in the “no internet zone”, majority still prefer the internet, because working it all out from the comfort of your home is impeccable.

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