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8 Aug 2022


How to use Instagram Reels Marketing


When Instagram launched reels, we are certain that they mustn’t have expected such a massive blow up. But they have outperformed themselves, with a bit-sized video sharing element in their platform.


No matter, what your brand is about, Instagram reels can boast you up- quite well.


Reels were not just a boon for influencers but also businesses. Marketing through reels can be very helpful for brands. It is to no surprise even infamous brands are using reels to join the trend.


A recent survey states that, 2/3rd of NBA franchises use Instagram reels to brand?


So, now you know the drill- if NBA is doing it- you should do it too!?


Instagram reels for Marketing Strategy
Best Ways to use Instagram reels for marketing strategy

3 Ways to Use Instagram Reels in Digital Marketing


A quick thing- what’s an Instagram Reel?

It’s a video content format! And unlike Instagram videos- these reels won’t disappear after 24 hours. It will stay forever!

And it instantly surpassed the tag from being a “tiktok copycat” to an effective channel that builds brands.


In short, reels stay with you- forever!


1. Let your audience see- YOU!


Yes, let them see you!

Who doesn’t love to watch some heart-warming and fun videos?

Bloopers always attract a lot of eyes! Raw contents show genuinity, and the efforts behind the image of your brand. It’s the first step towards building a bond between you and your customer.

For instance, if you run fashion company you can use Instagram Reels to show the behind-the-scenes of you choosing the right fabric, design, color, show how you get the creativity on-board for your customers.

A content like this will exhibit your expertise. It’s the most subtle and perfect way to let your customers know that you choose them- over anything!


2. Collab with Influencers


Many of us have that one fascinating social media influencer. Influencers have built relationships, trust, and credibility with their fans by creating contents that aligns with audience. People respect their content, recommendations, and many of them actually look up to them. Collaborating with influencers can help you reach higher levels for your brand identity. Social media users will get to know more about your business, your story, and how does your brand serve.


3. Launch your brand, everyday!

Contents like IGTV, YouTube Videos, and Podcasts are ruling the internet today. This will keep your audience tuned in for weeks.

Teasers are a great start!

Short teaser clip of your upcoming content would make your viewers wait for it. If the video is already added, then you can just add link in the caption that would redirect your traffic to the full video.

Remember to keep the teasers appealing with a suspense. You have got your audience’s attention already.


Instagram reels for marketing strategy
Best Ways to use Instagram reels for marketing strategy


Reels have got you covered!


Instagram has a huge audience base, and you know that! If you are not leveraging it to your use, then don’t you think- you are missing out on your customers?

Instagram holds a record of people spending 40 minutes on an average- and it has more than 1.47 billion of monthly active users.

So bag this opportunity of social media marketing and make the most of it for your brand!




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