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9 Jan 2023


Starting up the entrepreneurial journey comes with so much to do, but no enough time, and few of them manage the tasks well, but for many it becomes really daunting.

Did you know more than 40% of the businesses have implemented automation, and it’s running towards success?

With the growth of technology, automation has become an integral part of every business, and not leveraging the benefits of automation could keep you back in the track!

And as far as I go, automated process should be executed by every business, especially small business and startups.


However, you must be aware of the importance of workflow automation for your company, and if you aren’t, then here we have compiled up the best benefits of automation that can help free up some space in your routine.

8 Benefits of Automation: Why Should You Start Automating Your Business Process?


Well, automation can seem really scary, or even exhausting for some, but when you start seeing the results, your entire business process can turn out to be an amazing game changer. It’s about working on the business, and not working in the business.

1. It Helps You Stick And Survive


Remember the pandemic?


Many businesses were shut down during this period, of course, for many reasons, but automation was one of them.

However, the businesses that survived and grew even during the pandemic had workflow automation implemented.

9 out of 10 respondents said automation has a positive effect on people’s lives in the workplace, and more than 80% of small businesses have enabled automation in their company in order to compete with the bigger ones.

While automation allowed 60% of the companies to change their business model, and transition their goods and services online to quickly pivot from the impact of the pandemic.

2. It Increases Workplace Productivity And Happiness



For many startups, small and medium sized businesses, the future of automation is here!

Many small businesses have already started implementing automation in their workplace to increase productivity, efficiency, and overall well-being (honestly, happiness).


Automation betters to make the existing working process more good, and reduces the requirement for human intervention and oversight, and this allows leaders to focus more on other areas of the business.

Well, a robot revolution isn’t coming anytime soon, but automation is creating a better workforce, increasing efficiency, and eventually productivity and speed.

3. It Enhances The Customer Experience


“Did you know 58% of consumers switch companies due to poor customer services offered?”, says a study conducted by Microsoft!

Customers are the heart of every business, and it’s important that we are consistent in providing them with amazing customer experience.

Of course, without customers valuable feedback, businesses won’t be able to improve or optimize or even growth.

Therefore, it’s imperative that modern businesses should always prioritize customer service process and should constantly focus on improvising the same.

Automation helps with automatic quality checks and assures substantially improved customer service with the help of automated chatbots along with cloud-based databases.

4. It Reduces Operational Costs


Business processes often requires a huge amount of human and financial resources.

However, certain tasks requires a big number of human and financial resources, and that’s where automation makes the process cost-effective.

Well, this also reduces the human error prone tasks, which prevents from wastage of organizational resources.

Business processes can be automated that will help your company (business) run much more efficient and ultimately profitable in the long run.

So, yes, we need automation!


5. It Improves Employee Engagement And Satisfaction


Studies say that, companies who have high levels of employee engagement and satisfaction are 40% more profitable than the rest!

How many businesses actually care about their employees?


There aren’t many, even though many startups, and top companies are prioritizing employee well-being, and we all know that!


Not focusing on employee engagement will only result in tedious task performance and repetitive business process, and trust me employees performing unsatisfactorily is not good for your business.

Focusing more on employee satisfaction and engagement will improve productivity and eventually the turnover too.

6. It Results In Better Governance And Compliance



Every business has a predetermined set of rules, government regulations and policies that the company is required to follow.

Well, this also means that there are tasks that requires manual efforts, which can result to be complex and literally exhausting.


Having business process automation in place can help in collecting and tracking of organizational data ensuring that your business is covering up the standard procedures and right process.

Remember, automated solutions simplifies regulatory compliance that has better security controls, such as access management, encryption and meet the GDPR data privacy requirements.

7. It Improves Scalability


One of the major goals of every business is to expand vertically, and horizontally both!

And implementing automation process in your business, will definitely help with that, and to improve the scalability and growth.

We all know that a business expansion could be time-consuming and expensive, and if you have plans to expand your business to another country or even a different state, the process could become more daunting.

Well, just like every other benefits of automation, it also helps with scalability- as it helps with faster expansion at a low cost.

8. It Gives You Transparency



By which I mean, you will be able to manage, measure and track your performance of that particular process.

Automation creates an audit trail that managers and leaders can check and focus better on the process in every way possible.

This audit helps with which part of the process, or even better, which process is working efficiently, and the parts where it needs changes or improvisation.

You can always tweak the automation process that fits into the business and it’s requirements.

Make sure that your process aligns best with your business objectives and goals.

The Bottom Line?


Business automation helps businesses adapt to the trends and thrive for betterment towards growth.

Automation can make businesses improve, change and implement better strategies in place. You can develop better methods in every department of your company (human resources, marketing, technology, creative and finances) and improve the efficiency rate.

Hence, with all these benefits, we can conclude that every business needs automation, and if you haven’t already executed a automated process yet, then it’s time for you to do so!

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