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25 Nov 2022


Before the digital decade began, starting a store, needed a brick-and-mortar location that meant starting a business was a difficult process.


But now we’re living in a different world, where almost everything is digital, except us, Humans!


We know of many reasons that has boosted the rise in E-commerce platforms best and online stores, but one major cause are buying patterns, purchase decisions and the excessive usage of social media.


Setting up an online store is a lot of work, but you can definitely make the process smooth enough. This also means that you don’t have to develop a website from the scratch, neither do you have to code.


Your E-Commerce platforms can be ready in a few minutes, unless you decide to customize your website.


And there are plenty of E-Commerce platforms best In India where you can just land and build your online store, without a glitch!


8 Best ECommerce Platforms For Startups : How To Create ECommerce Website


Common problems like warehouse sizes and inventory volumes aren’t a problem anymore, because starting up a ecommerce platforms best is way too easier. Here are 8 Trending Ecommerce Platforms for your business.


1. Shopify


Best E Commerce platforms in India 

Did you know Shopify has more than one lakh websites that’s running on it?


Yeah, every time we think about an online ecommerce platform, Shopify is the first name that pops-up in our minds.


And why is Shopify one of the best ecommerce platforms?




  • You get a massive number of add on and amazing professional templates to choose as according to your suitability and of course to form an perfect storefront.
  • Shopify is SEO compliant (that’s cool).
  • You get a 24/7 customer support, available literally, everywhere (Phone, Email and Chat).
  • It’s great for startups and small businesses, because they have a “pay as you go” option.
  • More than 10 logistics integration with 15+ payment gateways.


2. Wix


 Best E Commerce platforms in India, Best Ecommerce Platforms


This is another ecommerce platform best- that holds more than 3000 ecommerce stores running live in India, out of which 10% are Indian brands.


Wix was initially a website builder, but soon it grew into an ecommerce platform that has a clear competitive edge among the retailers.


This platform has more than 200 million users worldwide and is present in more than 190 countries- imagine the number of potential customers you can reach up to.




  • More than 500 professional and creative templates to use from.
  • You get a free SSL Certificate.
  • Translate your ecommerce store into more than 150 languages.
  • Save your time with smart automation.
  • Not just EBay, you can sell anywhere.
  • It’s affordable and the pricing is reasonable.


3. 3D Cart


3D Cart is quite a secure and robust Ecommerce platform that has served more than 22,000 online businesses in it’s 20 years of service.


And that’s what their mission also dictates- to help small and online merchants to build store to rank higher.


It can be used for all kinds of businesses, including both small and large scale companies. If you’re looking for a feature-rich online store, then 3d cart is the one you should go for!




  • It comprises of latest SEO standards, mobile-ready themes, and marketing ecommerce tools.
  • This store is a all-inclusive online platform that scores to be ecommerce platforms best in India.
  • The platform is easy to use and quite customer-friendly.
  • It comes with an integrated CRM option to handle and monitor traffic and sales.
  • 3D Cart is quite reliable and it also keeps you away from low-speed and downtime.
  • And they also have a 24/7 customer support.


4. OS Commerce


Being an advantageous and best ecommerce platforms, this one’s a fairly popular online creation store- not a lot of you might know about this.


It sure has a huge customer support base and a very active forum where you can solve and raise all your questions and queries.

You can quite easily download and install this ecommerce software on your device and, comparatively, it’s less easier to set up and operate.




  • You get more than 10,000 add-ons that are quite free to download.
  • It has a huge number of plug-ins that gives space for better functionalities.
  • It’s highly scalable and reliable.
  • The pricing plans are much reasonable.


5. Drupal Commerce


 Best E Commerce platforms in India, Best Ecommerce platform for small businesses


Being one of the best ecommerce platforms in India, it’s also the second-most open source website content management system that ranks after WordPress.


It comes with seamless blog and forum creation that’s much more convenient than most of other content management systems out there!




  • Easy integration with the Drupal framework.
  • Gives a better competitive position in comparison.
  • Content marketing becomes smooth with Drupal.
  • You can implement SEO strategy pretty instantly.
  • You also get a active forum to interact.


6. Magento


 Best E Commerce platforms in India, Best Ecommerce platforms for startups


Did you know Magento holds more than 10% of world’s top ecommerce sites.

-isn’t that impressive?


It’s a non-hosted ecommerce platform that’s exclusively created for coders who keep looking for ways to modifications in the website, in the later stage.




  • It holds a good reputation among developers and website builders.
  • The platform is quite customizable and modifications can be done easily.
  • The forum comes with a wide range of debugging opportunities and tutorials.
  • Magento is immensely extensible, hence website upgrading is easier.
  • You also get a email platform integrated with MailChimp!


7. WooCommerce


 Best E Commerce platforms in India, Top Ecommerce platforms in India


There’s always a confusion to choose between Shopify and WooCommerce, because both websites have a similar set of features.

This ecommerce platform can be built on a WordPress platform- and being one of the best ecommerce platforms, it also provides all WordPress functionalities and serviceability.


However, WooCommerce is quite popular on the internet and 15% of users use this specific ecommerce platform.




  • The configuration and integration of this platform is easy.
  • It comes with tons of themes, and plugins.
  • WooCommerce is convenient to use.
  • You don’t need servers, because it’s of WordPress.
  • You also get a 24/7 customer support and chat system.
  • The pricing system is quite reasonable and suitable for small businesses and startups.


8. InstaMojo


 Best E Commerce platforms in India


Yeah, you heard it right! InstaMojo has got more than 20 lakh independent and small businesses, because it’s the most trustworthy platform for every kind of industry.


However, you can also create a online store for free for your ecommerce and online business, in a few simple steps.




  • The platform is reliable, easy to use and convenient.
  • It has payment integration at a fixed and flat pricing.
  • You need not pay any additional costs for maintenance.
  • The interface is easy to use.
  • It’s perfectly suitable for small business owners, and startups.
  • Customizable themes, amazing add-ons comes in the package.
  • Cash On Delivery is available.
  • SEO integration and modifications are available.


What’s Next?


Here we go with all the top ecommerce platforms in India that’s trending in India and worldwide. All you have to do is, pick the one that’s suitable to your business, your pricing, and your requirements.


If you’re concerned about developing a ecommerce website for your business, you can reach out to us for free consultation.


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