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23 Aug 2022


It’s time to take the memes seriously!


Given the competitive, dynamic and ever-changing nature of markets- your business must thrive to opt for marketing mediums that would stick with your customer- and memes are the best way to connect with your customers.


Today’s age is all about internet surfing and scrolling- and we all are admittedly connected to memes, viral content, and social media trends and challenges.


And that’s precisely why marketers tend to use memes and join social media trends- to boost the performance of their brand.


We have more ways to help your business with memes- and take it forward to be a brand!


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How to use Meme Marketing for your Business?


It literally takes a second to create a meme- it’s fast and relatively easy to make memes. However, you do not just want a meme, but you also want to make an impression on your audience and lead them to your business, bringing benefits to your business.


How to bring the benefits of meme marketing into the business?


1. Know your target audience


Simply put, you must research, analyze and keep the trends in mind- when you’re creating a meme, and it’s one of the most powerful ways to use meme marketing to boost your business.


If your target audiences are the Gen-Zs and Millennials then you should focus on creating posts and content relevant to entertainment and tech products and remember they are also quite passionate about traveling, the environment, and loves to read.


Hence, if you target millennials with memes that don’t interest them- it won’t pay you back!


Think about everything that makes your product unique and cool, and then try to connect it with the audience.


You need to sound fun and creative and create something that balances engagement and promotion. You shouldn’t ring all sales.


2. Get Noticed for Better Visibility


Brands join the trends and challenges- that’s how they get noticed!


One such trend that everyone knows about is the #10yearchallenge – and many companies like Zomato, Uber, KFC, and Google did turn that out into a wonderful campaign- these companies really did know the trick to ways to use meme marketing in business.


This works great if your audience sees your brand as a trend and not just a regular product or service.


Memes are a short-lived trend; hence, you need to keep up the meme game to garner good visibility- but they help your business get noticed.


3. Be Original, Be Unique- Please!


What is Meme Marketing, Who meme, Meme Marketing India, Meme Marketing Strategy


You ought to be original and outstanding- you can’t just copy-paste the memes and never recycle the memes that have already been overused!


Social media is full of memes- and everyone is doing that, hence you need to stand out in the crowd by creating something unique and original.


You must show your brand’s identity, relate it to your audience, and stay in the trend.


You can take an idea from the meme and create your own- that will definitely work!


4. Don’t Make it Look Like a Cringe!


What is Meme Marketing, Who meme, Meme Marketing India, Meme Marketing Strategy


Well, memes do not have any strict rules to abide by, but it does have a way- if you want to get your audience’s attention and keeping the meme humorous and positive is one of the popular ways to use memes marketing for business.


Many brands misuse the memes, which disappoints the audience- and that’s not the reaction you want, do you?

You can-


  • Keep your memes short, catchy and crisp.
  • Keep your words easy and attractive.
  • Ensure that your meme is understandable- even after you have added a twist.
  • Never change the meaning of your meme; it will distract your audience- or they might even find it boring!
  • And never copy-paste the same meme, always try to make one of your own with inspiration.


5. Never be offensive!


This is obvious, and it’s pretty basic!


In a society where most of us trying to be politically correct, a joke on the issue could be taken very seriously.


When you are a brand and present on social media- you mustn’t be offensive yet stick to the trends.


Jokes and humor are great for connecting with people, and of course, if you are a brand, humor and jokes come in handy, but they should be relatable and not teasing or offensive.


Remember, a good and laughable joke is when you don’t offend or hurt others- it doesn’t matter whether you’re a brand or an individual!


If you don’t believe us in this, you could always ask Chris Rock and Will Smith!


Things to keep in mind to avoid catastrophes on Social Media-


  • Don’t make fun of a community or a person- instead, try empathizing a bit!
  • Never mock the tragic events that happened or happening.
  • Keep your meme apt and exact for your audience age group.
  • Don’t let your meme rely on the image entirely- your texts should be funny enough.
  • Please, do not keep inappropriate words and insults in the text!


6. Tune in with the Trends


What is Meme Marketing, Who meme, Meme Marketing India, Meme Marketing Strategy


Let me tell you if there’s one thing that gets consumed by the internet is MEMES!


Meme trends never stay intact; they keep changing and evolving. This month’s popular meme will never be the same as last month’s or even last week’s.


And try to be volatile and always take advantage of what’s happening around with the trends and your competitors; this is one of the best ways to use meme marketing for your business.


You could always make fun of topics like Taxes, Cryptocurrencies- since these are topics that every human from any diversification can relate to.


Final Thoughts


If you use humor in the right way can be an effective marketing strategy for your brand- since it helps your audience relate and connect to your brand.


However, your final goal is to sell to your customers- hence, study your audience first and then post about trends, challenges, and memes.


The internet is a living thing. It changes, evolves, and responds to live events. With technology constantly developing, one can blink and miss the current golden age of the latest online phenomenon.


Hence, make sure to make the most of it and make your brand’s advertisement fun and engaging- be on the top with these mentioned ways to use meme marketing.







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