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3 Aug 2022


4 Ways to increase social media presence of your business?


How to increase social media presence?

That’s the first question that pops up in your mind as a marketer. Since, social media marketing is the best approach to set foot on maximum people out there. There are billions of users on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. In this internet world, social media is the most persuasive way to reach more customers.

In our previous blog, we gave insights into industries that have become most profitable using digital marketing.

Trust me! If you put in efforts to lift your website, it will work phenomenally.

Social media marketing is one of the best tools of digital marketing which will not drain you up on finances rather it would be much effective for your brand.

Are you certain that your business is doing really well in terms of building a brand identity?

If not, then you must get into the real game of social media marketing.

Being on social media, is all about how to increase social media presence!


How to improve social media presence of your business
How to improve social media presence of your business

How to increase the social media presence of your business?


1. Choose the right platform


No, you need not be present on all the social media platforms. Having a presence everywhere might lead you nowhere. You need to start from one or two social media sites at the beginning where you think your business could generate good traffic. It’s easy to increase social media presence if you focus on marketing strategy.

Creating a good profile of your business is the first step because the first impression is going to last forever. Select a profile image and cover photo which is stable and constant. Your biography should be completed by giving out a brief description of your work and business.


2. Get creative with your website


Your social media page is a powerful tool that would attract customers. An appealing home page would create a good customer base.

Not to forget, always put a “Call to Action” button on the page you create, be it Facebook or Instagram or LinkedIn. Whether it’s an enquiry or a feedback from your audience, make sure that you are responding to all the comments individually- and if it’s a criticism- try to be polite, very polite and assertive. Post everyday, if not everyday- at least post thrice a week. The social media posts (images) must be creative, informative and should generate clicks.

Create a USP (Unique Selling Point) for your brand and focus on building it by posting relevant work content. If it’s 

Instagram, try to create reels- that speaks about your brand, the benefits with humor and thoughtfulness in it.


3. Setting goals helps better!


Social Media needs content to breathe!

Be relevant and unique when you post on Social Media. Set goals that you want your brand to accomplish on Social Media. Make sure you set both short term goals and long term goals. Setting milestones always helps you to get you a one step close to brand reputation and customer base. Create a social media strategy for brand and get to working on it. Remember your marketing methods will be different from your approach towards customer services.

Share your page with your friends, relatives, and your existing friend list of social media sites. You can also join in various social groups or channels related to your line of business on Facebook. Always be in trend. For instance, Twitter gives a list of hashtags on the left side of its homepage that guides you to use them and increase the chances of high visibility.

Post your blogs or article by adding the most used and followed hashtags therefore it’ll improve your visibility. It will genuinely improve the followers and eventually get you to achieving your goals.


4. Develop an integrated social media strategy


A strategy would answer your foremost question, “how to increase social media presence?” Make sure all the social media platforms used are serving some specific purpose. You can ensure this by starting a social media marketing calendar, if not a social media calendar- just add up all your ideas and organize them. Make sure to add all of your upcoming events, blog posts, and everything else you decide to do with your business into this calendar. It will help you stay organized and understand how each of your social media accounts will bring in more untapped sectors for your business.

Building the Social media marketing plan might be time-consuming and a tedious job but it gets easier when you hire a digital marketing agency- since they increase social media presence of your brand.

How to increase social media presence of your website
How to increase social media presence of your website
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