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19 Dec 2022


Creating a landing page online? That’s great!


A landing page is the prime opportunity to convert visitors and leads into loyal customers and sales.


But, have you ever clicked on an attractive ad and got redirected to something else?


Or even worse, got lost?


And trust me, this happens all the time, to the best of us!


Well, the reason is super simple- a bad landing page.


Good landing pages are an essential tool for every marketing campaign. These attractive pages are the first touch point of any business, and is the perfect chance to build a customer base.


Hence, your landing page should be eye-catchy, focused and should speak your goal. In short, create a landing page that’s easy for your visitors to understand and fulfills their needs.


With that, here we have rounded up 10 tips to design and making a landing page online, and few pointers to increase your sales conversion rates too.


Create Landing Page Online: 10 Tips To Design A Powerful Landing Page


Ask any marketer, they’ll tell you the first step to establish your online or digital presence is to: Have A Website.


But, if you want to generate leads, you really should create a landing page online, and to get you on the sales funnel, we have gathered 10 tips to making a landing page online, to up your landing page game!


1. What’s Your Goal For The Landing Page?


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First things first! Like we discussed earlier, landing pages are designed to propel conversions, so all you need to do is ask yourself, what do you want out of that landing page?


The most common conversion goals says:


  • Lead Generations
  • Sales
  • Brand Awareness


And these goals involves growing your email, subscriber list, which speaks for brand awareness. Lead Generation is all about collecting down the contact information of your interested prospects, while sales is all about adding product to the cart without having to leave the landing page.


A clear goal for you to create a landing page online will define, plan out the process and influence your landing page design, and better your create a landing page


2. Plan Your Layout


Have a layout that would make it easier for you to design an effective landing page. A proper plan to begin with your landing page designing is a step by step methods of all the elements that your landing page must have.


No matter your goal, a good landing page will have these five major elements included in:


  • A eye-catchy headline
  • A creative description of your offering
  • A lead capture form
  • Well-design images
  • And a click worthy call-to-action button.


3. What Does Your Design Look Like?


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Well, you can’t include everything in your landing page; in simple words you need to have a simple landing page design.


You might use themes and templates that’s available to create a landing page online, but make sure that you choose the right design, and that it doesn’t look cluttered.


Remember, a simple design is what your visitors are looking for, hence give them what they need, while giving the layout a clear touch and essential elements, or your visitors might get frustrated.


Now take a look at this landing page below, how would you feel landing on this page?


4. Remove Those Distractions


It’s important to remove all the unnecessary features that distracts your visitors and readers.


I mean you don’t need those features if they do not have a motive when you are making a landing page online.


Remove all those social media buttons, site navigation, links and redirection to your website’s homepage.


If required, create multiple landing pages, but don’t focus all of your goals in a single landing page, because that won’t work.


Remember, your attention ratio must be 1:1!


5. Don’t Design For Every Device


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Another amazing tip to create a landing page online is : Focus!


Yes, just like you are focusing on one goal per landing page, focus on single device where you want your landing page to appear.


Your audiences are browsing content from all sorts of devices, but the study says more than 55% of them use mobile phone to visit websites, while desktop usage stays at a 35%, and the rest goes with tablets.


Hence, make sure that your landing page is mobile responsive- which means that it comfortably fits in with smaller screens. And don’t use many interactive features, like mentioned earlier- because videos can be data-consuming.


6. Keep Your Action Above


A call-to-action button is one of the most important part of a landing page. However, you will only have a few seconds to grab the attention of your audience, hence you might want to make the most critical stuff visible to your visitors.


It’s recommended that you place the call-to-action button over the upper part of your landing page, so it’s perfectly visible to everyone who’s looking at your landing page.


Then comes the testimonials, logos, case studies- which you can place below the fold of your website, or of your landing page.


7. Value Your Visuals


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Remember, when I said you get only a few seconds to make an impression on your visitors?


Absolutely! And people process images and pictures quicker than text, and incorporating eye-catchy images on your landing page will work like a charm.


If you are using image(s) in your landing page, especially for a banner or a header image, make sure it’s attention grabbing and should quite complement your offer as well.


To make landing page work on your advantage, you have to create a landing page online with appealing visuals.


8. Is Your Landing Page Campaign Specific?


There are a couple of workable ways to get your landing pages in front of your audience, it could be email marketing, social media posts, Google ads, or even a monthly newsletter- but you can’t design single landing page and post it everywhere around the internet.


No marketers can have single marketing strategy, there will be tons- and if you have a lot of marketing strategies, then you might want to create multiple landing pages for every channel (maybe with the same motive or applying to different strategies).


However, if you decide to do as per-traffic source, then you can keep the landing page design similar or in-sync with the source.


9. You Click On Me, I’ll Click On You!


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It’s like a win-win situation for both marketers and the audience. If your visitors are scrolling down on you, then it’s crucial that you give them something in return (and trust me, it’ll keep them hooked to you).


Remove those exit opportunities, don’t give them a single chance to leave your website- and keep them focused.


For instance, you could give your visitors a free trial for 5 days, in exchange for email address, or you could also offer them a coupon for their purchase or even an e-book could work to your advantage.


Create a landing page online is easier when you get to convince your visitors for a capture, and that’s how you get sales conversions.


10. Keep A Concise Copy


You can’t design something that doesn’t go with the copy! To create a landing page online, you ought to work on a precise copy that’s specific, creative, and focuses on solving the challenges and the needs of your visitors.


Because a copy is something that persuades your visitors to click and proceed with the offer.


But how do you do it?


The best way to write a sales copy is to target your persona! Keep it simple. Your target market should feel like they could have written the copy by themselves- the words should be that easy.


But, the tone of your copy should be conversational, friendly and fulfilling. 




Because when you keep the copy simple, your target market understands that you’ve understood their problems and you’re really giving them solutions- and that understanding leads to conversions and clicks.


Start With Your Design


A landing page cannot drive sales your website, but only the best landing page can fill in those sales funnels.


Don’t believe anyone who tells you that a specific color is the right choice for your CTA buttons. Remember that every market, every industry comes up with different marketing campaigns, to test and to measure will give you the right color choice, and design.


While these tips and tricks might seem like a lot to keep in mind for designing a landing page, but trust me, you’ll see the real smiles when you generate conversions with these efforts, and it’ll be worth it!


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