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18 Nov 2022


Do you know if your Instagram strategy is working?


Or can you tell which of your Instagram post is generating a good engagement?


Yeah, you can track your Instagram marketing strategy, with best Instagram analytics tools.


Instagram is a home to more than 190 million business pages, and a recent research says that the number will grow to 1.3 billion active users in an year.


It’s the fourth used social media platform, and it’s the facts like these that make this social platform an ideal place for marketing- to grow your audience, drive good engagement etc.

If you’re all serious about handling Instagram profiles, then you might want to keep a close eye on insights and analytics.

But, tracking the analytics is one of the early challenges that advertisers, content creators and marketers come face to face with.

Hence, we have rounded up some of the best Instagram analytics tools to help you understand on how to optimize your Instagram content.

10 Best Tools For Instagram Analytics: How To Get Instagram Analytics


Well, social media tools aren’t a new toy in the marketing space, but today, they’ve come a long way providing us with feature-enriched analytics.

Nevertheless, you can understand your audience using these best Instagram Analytics Tools and focus on leveling up the performance.

1. Social Status


Instagram Analytics tools


Being one of the best Instagram analytics tools, Social Status is a perfect space that reports full performance stats for posts, stories and even the growth of every posts.

However, you can also track group of accounts, and easily report on overall performance of all your Instagram accounts, if you have more than 2 accounts.

If you’re an agency that works for clients on Social media, then this marketing tool comes in as a saviour. It generates multiple custom reports, which makes your work a bit easier.

Of course, you can export the reports in different formats, such as PDF, CSV, PowerPoint, and even Google Slides.

Well, this tool provides you with a free plan too, and if you’re a beginner, then I’d say you have got it all covered, already!

2. Keyhole


Instagram Analytics tools


Yeah, the tool name might sound a bit silly, but the tool is amazing. Keyhole breaks all the norms of checking up the past performance, with the power of analyzing the real-time data-

(and I genuinely love this marketing tool, because it lets me get a record of the demographics, that I’d require).


You can track real-time hashtags, the ones that are working, the ones are a flop- this analysis is effective when you are creating specific campaigns, or contests.

This tool also addresses the internal trends that’s providing value.

Here’s a brownie point: You can also track your competitor’s Instagram data by creating a feed- and spy on what’s working for them.


3. Agora Pulse


Agora Pulse, is another best Instagram analytics tools, that comes in as an all-in-one social media management app- which is used by more than 30K marketers.

The tool comprises of four sub-tools that helps with better social media marketing- social inbox, social listening, social publishing and analytics.

Let me tell you, this tool also lets you track real time data on other social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and even YouTube.

All you have to do is, open the dashboard, and just select the social platform that you’d like to get the analytics for.

4. Union Metrics


One of the impeccable Instagram analytics tools that accompanies you without differentiating the business sizes or the industry that you belong to- it’s infamously known as “Hashtag tracker”.

It goes by it’s name. You can work and extract all the metrics that revolves around social engagement and impressions on your posts.

You not only get the analytics for each posts, but you can also get numbers on impressions, story performance, and reach.

This tool also gives you information about the type of content that’s working, and how to optimize that content.

5. Pallyy


Pallyy’s prime function is to schedule, and it’s Instagram’s first tool- but later the tool was enriched with social media management features.


However, a lot of it’s features are designed for Instagram, but it also supports other social media platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Google My Business.

Well, this tool also supports comment management, whereas it also enables you to customize your dashboard according to your convenience.

Being one of the best Instagram Analytics tools, it can also have you all the metrics while adding your competitors to your analytics list to sneak upon them.


6. Trufan


Instagram Analytics tools


It’s another unique tool that lets you track, sort and segregate your followers according to the metrics.

While there are other tools that allows you to work through your collected data, Trufan will find you Instagram followers on the basis of keywords and hashtags.

Moreover, Trufan also helps you to figure out the verified influencers and your most dedicated followers on this tool.

Well, this tool might not be the best of all, but it’s definitely useful for beginner marketers and small businesses.

7. Squarelovin


Instagram Analytics tools


Squarelovin is one of the free and best Instagram analytics tools, that gives metrics over recent growth, all-time performance, top posts, trending content and your overall history of an year.


Being a free tool to use, this also keeps you in the know about best times to post on Instagram- which is absolutely a great deal for businesses, who often struggle with boosting their posts.

The engagement tab in this tool also provides you with data on your most-liked photos. The tool also shows you what time frame works the most.

8. Sendible


Instagram Analytics tools


Sendible supports a wide range of social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest.

However, this tool also lets you to connect to different blogging sites such as WordPress and Medium, while you can also onboard your teammates and clients for a streamlined collaboration.

You can also track all the vital Instagram analytics metrics such as impressions, reach, the location, likes, shares, comments and the audience growth.

While you do all of this, you get an add-on where you get insights from Google analytics as well that estimates your performance.

9. IconoSquare


Instagram Analytics tools


Well, this best Instagram analytics tools is an overall social media management tool that supports different social platforms, and not just Instagram.

You can even track TikTok and LinkedIn analytics using this platform, however, you will not be able to publish over it or even monitor your inbox.

Of course, along with monitoring, you also get social listening feature, and responding to your commentators.

You also get customization on labels, albums and dashboards- and set it as according to your requirements.

10. Instagram Insights


Instagram Analytics tools


This is Instagram’s very own social media management tool that almost all marketers use to track their metrics.

Well, with Instagram insights, you won’t be able to track for your personal account, because its only for business accounts.

You can track the performance, insights and all the key reports related to your posts, stories, reels and even your IGTV videos.

There’s also an overview section that tells you about impressions, followers, interactions, and even your estimated earnings that you’ve received- (ooh, that’s amazing).


Being one of the best Instagram analytics tools, this is available for free, because it’s an Instagram hosted app and tool.

Final Thoughts


Honestly, all of these Instagram analytics tools are capable of gather all the information and interactions that you receive on Instagram.

These tools helps you have a better understanding of what doesn’t work and what works for you- which will leave you to make good and informed decisions on your social media marketing strategies.

However, it’s all about the matter of deciding what fits into your budget, your team and your overall social media needs and the strategies that you have planned. 

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