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14 Sept 2022


Digital marketing is a fast-moving industry, and many companies are already depending on the best digital marketing tools to survive. 


Ah, sounds a bit dramatic?


If you are a new entrepreneur in the market, you will probably be overwhelmed by all the information out there- yeah, it gets a bit confusing!


Some tools are foundational, while others come in for email marketing, analytics, web forms, and CRM platforms- if you look for a more specialized set of digital tools- there are design apps, keyword tracks, marketing tools, etc. 


However, finding out the best digital tools and testing these options can be highly daunting, especially in an industry where the trends constantly keep emerging!


Yeah, we know there are so many tools to keep in mind- but using the right tool with the right strategy will take your business one step closer to becoming a brand. 


And the good news? You have no shortage of the best digital marketing tools to do all your heavy lifting for you!


10 Best Digital Marketing Tools For Small Businesses in 2022


A robust tech stack ensures that you aren’t spending your precious time on these tedious tasks- while assuring constant growth! 

Below are a few expert outlined old favorites and some best digital marketing tools that every business must have!


1. Google Analytics- A Web-Based Tool


Best Digital Marketing Tools, Digital Marketing Tools for free


Whether you’re a marketer or not, if you’re running a business, you must have some level of Google analytics expertise,

-otherwise, it’s hard to keep a heads up in this industry.


At a basic level, this digital marketing tool lets you know the details of who’s coming to your website, what pages they’re spending their time on, and even the countries they’re visiting from,

-in short- you get the entire demographics of your visitors. 


This platform also helps you track conversions, set goals, and even build user engagement.


Just plugin Google Analytics into your website, and you’re ready to go!


2. HubSpot- A Sales And Inbound Marketing Platform


If you want your customers to become your advocates, then HubSpot is another one of the best digital marketing tools you must invest in! 


It helps you meet your customers where they are- because it ensures that you focus intensely on content that will delight your visitors. 


HubSpot is a marketing suite that gathers all your data in one place- by which we literally mean content, SEO, blog, and social media and you can even track your digital performance in a single click!


3. Animoto- A Video Creation Platform


Best Marketing Tools, Top digital Marketing Tools


Animoto is another of our favorite and best digital marketing tools that has made video creation simple and allows you to collaborate videos, pictures, and music without compromising quality. 


You get drag drop features and ready-to-go templates, which makes it easier to make videos and customize fonts, colors, and transitions. 


Well, you can always add a finishing touch by adding music from the Animoto library.


With this tool, you won’t need a vast budget or time spent on a single video; you just have to plan, have a camera, and you’re all set to go!


4. Mail Chimp


Email marketing is a must-have tool for any business wishing to stay in front of your customers. MailChimp (we know the name sounds funny) is the topmost choice of many marketers. 


You get to create brand emails, digital design ads, build landing pages, and more.


This email marketing tool offers many other features that let you build digital and marketing assets throughout your customer’s journey!


It’s time you plugged in this best digital marketing tool to your website- and you won’t have to worry about your monthly newsletters anymore. 


5. Yoast


Best Marketing Tools, Digital Marketing Platforms


SEO! None of us marketers can survive without SEO in our content- but YoastSEO has got your back! This is an excellent digital marketing tool (my favorite), and it’s free if you plugin with WordPress. 


Yoast also has paid plans if you have too many sites to monitor. It optimizes your content according to the demands of search engines. 


Now you can play with the right keywords, choose cornerstone content, URLs of content along with internal links, and improvise your readability score. 


6. TypeForm


TypeForm is best digital marketing tools for marketers- if you’re looking to create minimalist yet attractive forms. 

TypeForm relieves you from all those traditional pop-ups and makes your forms more genuine. TypeForm- forms look sleek yet stylish, and it doesn’t feel like ads at all! 


This tool’s simple editor option makes it easy and embeds some good bonuses for all business sizes- and you can also make some creative interactive forms (which wouldn’t look like a form) and quizzes. 


7. Canva

Best Marketing Tools, Digital Marketing Tools for free

This name never fades away from the minds of marketers. Even if you aren’t a marketer, you definitely would have tried Canva at least once. Canva never flinches (unlike humans – just kidding)


It’s a graphic design platform that comes with a user-friendly dashboard and interface- that you can use to create presentations, social media graphics, flyers, posters, and some fantastic social media posts to make your viewers’ eyes pop out!


Yes, it has free templates and a massive library of photography content and graphic elements. 


You will never get bored of Canva- even if you aren’t a designer!


8. Trello


If you’re looking for an impressive content management tool that many top brands use to strategize content and brainstorm ideas for their posts. 


Trello is an easy-to-use tool that lets us know about our post schedules, and it’s so appealing because it’s free for small businesses and remote teams. 


Trello has a visual way to schedule and ideate content online, and you can also assign your employees or members to your card- so you know who’s working on what!


It’s one of the best digital marketing tools that help you manage social media posts, schedules, team collaboration, and work communication. 


9. PointerPro

Best Marketing Tools, Digital Marketing Tools for free

Before you ask, yes, it has got free trial, and you also have monthly plans that you can unsubscribe anytime.


If you’re looking for an compelling lead generation tool, then PointerPro is the right digital marketing tool that your team should have today. 


PointerPro has this ReportR pack with which respondents can just walk away with PDF reports after filling up their information and details. 


This tool smoothly integrates with your existing marketing stack so that you can easily transport all your leads to your email marketing software or CRM and start building campaigns. 


10. Google Ads


Many of you might already know about this tool; if not,, the name itself explains it much better- because it’s a collective of all the ads you see on the internet. 


These ads are not much; they are just a few words on a small pop-up. You would often find it as a text-based ad, along with images or videos displayed- and you can create ads for all kinds of businesses. 


You can manage everything like keywords, age, location, and whole demographics with Google Ads- and that’s why many famous brands can get the right people on their website. 


Wondering Where To Start?


There you have it all! The mentioned above are the best digital marketing tools that your business needs!


Yeah, there is a multitude of digital marketing tools that helps your digital efforts fly to the next level, saving up loads of time.


Remember that even the best digital marketing tools will only help you execute an excellent strategy when you do the work– but having the right tech stack will definitely zoom you right past your competitors.






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